Kilmarnock Pub Donate Life-Saving Defibs to Community

Brass & Granite pub of Kilmarnock have donated 14 defibs to the community through their "Gift of Life" programme

Kilmarnock Pub Donate Life-Saving Defibs to Community

Brass and Granite pub, Kilmarnock embarked on an ambitious programme in 2018 to donate life saving defibrillators to their local community. Their “Gift of Life” Project has, so far, seen the donation of 14 defibs to community groups, schools, Police Scotland, Aldi supermarket and to local housing estates. The impact of their project has been felt across the whole community and has created a buzz in the town about improving bystander CPR and early defibrillation. Their project has led to connections being made with various groups and local business, with other groups starting similar projects.

David Little, Jamie Sharp (owners) and Kelsey Little, Bar Manger have had a series of fundraising activities over the year. Pub regulars have been keen to support their project and have been keen to get involved in educational events.

The donation to one local area brought the connection to local NHS Resuscitation Officer and Kilmarnock resident, Nina McGinley. Nina has supported the team with raising awareness of the importance of bystander CPR and they designed a learning tool to display in the pub toilet cubicles.

The team have since joined forces to run Basic Life Support training sessions in the pub and local community events.

Kilmarnock is a safer place with Team B&G’s “Gift of Life” project. Together we can make a difference!


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