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Scottish Rugby Skilled up as Scottish Lifesavers!

03 Aug 2021

Scotland’s men’s Rugby Squad have been some taking time out of their training to learn CPR! Find out about how they learnt, why they learnt, and watch their video to learn alongside them.

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CPR Kid Researcher in Action

18 Jun 2021

Carmuirs P1 have been busy. They have been learning CPR and sharing their new skills online! Check out their fantastic video demonstrating all the steps you need to save a life.

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PADs Scotland Group

22 Apr 2021

Do you or your organisation manage or support Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) in Scotland?
If you’ve answered yes to the above, consider joining the new virtual group PADs Scotland READ MORE

A New Strategy for Scotland

23 Mar 2021

After 5 years of tireless effort, the original Scottish Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strategy has come to an end. With 640,000+ people familiarised with CPR and a 24% rise in bystander CPR, this strategy and the public effort behind it is truly to be celebrated. But we’re not finished yet.


Chain of Survival

01 Dec 2020

Join us for #Resusmas and learn about the Chain of Survival for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest! Give the gift of life if you witness someone in cardiac arrest this holiday season.


CPR – The same but different

12 Oct 2020

Scotland, it’s a funny time. Everything Is different but everything is still the same. You still speak to your granny but you chat to her on Zoom. You still go to the shops but everyone’s in a mask. Do you know what else is the same but different? CPR.


CPR Kid Researcher

22 Sep 2020

It’s the start of a new school year and although things might be a little bit different, CPR is just as important as ever. We already know that kids are the best teachers, so we’ve made some tools to help kids “pay it forward” and teach others their CPR skills.


Champions Award Recipient – Heartstart Coordinator Sheenah Nelson

31 Jul 2020

Congratulations to Heartstart Coordinator, Sheenah Nelson for receiving the Rotary Champions Award in recognition of her dedication to teaching people emergency lifesaving skills and by campaigning to improve out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival outcomes!


Working in Partnership

08 Jun 2020

As we continue to navigate the waters of a pandemic, we increasingly recognise the importance of working in partnership and providing support to one another during these difficult times.


Scotland Against Covid

06 Apr 2020

At the core of Save a Life for Scotland, we are a public health campaign that facilitates the work of a partnership with a common ambition to save lives and a firm belief that everyone has the power to help save lives in their own hands.


CPR Superheroes!

03 Jan 2020

Volunteers from Glasgow Caledonian University, Scottish Ambulance Service and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service joined forces to spread the life-saving message of CPR


2019 Rewind: A Year End Review

26 Dec 2019

What an incredible year 2019 has been!
Let’s rewind 2019 and look at some of the amazing accomplishments from this past year.


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