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Resources for Trainers

Resources to help you make CPR awareness sessions more accessible

Delivering Accessible CPR Sessions

Welcome to our hub for CPR trainers! We want everyone in Scotland to feel confident to help save a life, and we know that needs to include the 1 in 5 Scots who identify as Disabled. You told us that you needed more resources to help you support disabled learners and make your sessions accessible. We have put together this page in response.  
This is a resource that will continue to grow and develop to suit the needs of CPR trainers. If you have any resources that you think should be linked in this hub, trainer news to add below, or have any feedback on the page, then please get in touch at

Through research we found that disabled people do not regularly attend CPR courses, as there is a belief within the disabled community that they are for able-bodied learners. Like you, we want to empower everyone to help save a life. We created this page to let disabled people know that they too can learn CPR and would welcome your support to bring this message to the disabled community.

Chris Purnell, Scottish Ambulance Service

Please remember to not be afraid to speak about difference with us. Disabled people know about difference and adaptation - most of us have been dealing with it for our whole lives. If you don't know something, then please ask us. You won't offend us. We are not anything to be afraid of.

Chris Purnell, Scottish Ambulance Service


Accessible Resource Hub

Check out our hub of accessible resources. You may find it useful to signpost some of your learners to these resources, or to integrate them into your sessions.

Link: Accessible Resource Hub

CPR and the Social Model of Disability

Watch this video where Save A Life for Scotland colleagues give a 10 minute presentation on CPR and disability informed by the Social Model of Disability.

Watch: CPR and the Social Model of Disability

The Social Model of Disability

Find our more about the Social Model of Disability by checking out this webpage created by Inclusion London. The Social Model of Disability is a really useful framework to identify barriers to Disabled people.

Read: The Social Model of Disability

Accessibility Checklist

Download our Accessibility Checklist to see our list of things you may want to consider before, during, and after your session to make it accessible, and to add your own. 

Print: Access Checklist

Play Your Part

Watch our Play Your Part campaign video. The video emphasises the importance of the chain of survival, and the necessity of roles other than performing CPR. It would provide a good introduction to the importance of different roles in saving a life in a training session.

Watch: Play Your Part

Trainer News

Share your story with us at

CPR Awareness Course for Disabled People

Read about this course designed specifically for Disabled people, authored and run by Chris Alves and Chris Purnell of the Scottish Ambulance Service.

Read: CPR Awareness Course for Disabled People

Thank you

Thank you for joining us in trying to get everyone in Scotland CPR ready. We would like for you to stay in touch with us at – let us know how you get on with making your sessions accessible, and if you have any questions or suggestions for others. 

We welcome feedback on this page. Please get in touch with us at