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Get involved! Share your lifesaver story with us.


At Save a Life for Scotland we know how crucial bystander intervention is in increasing out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates. We believe everyone in Scotland can be part of the Chain of Survival and help save a life. We want to highlight the wonderful diversity in Scotland and feature groups and communities who are not often represented in training materials that teach you how to help someone in cardiac arrest. Let’s challenge perceptions around what it means to be a lifesaver!

Help us by sharing your story and getting involved in our #ALifesaverLooksLike campaign.



Fill in the template sharing why you’re a lifesaver. If you don’t have a printer, write down your lifesaver story on a piece of paper or whiteboard.

Get creative!

The possibilities are endless. Here are some examples to give you some inspiration:

  • I’m CPR Ready
  • I know the steps to save a life (calling 999, starting CPR, using a defibrillator)
  • I can recognise the signs of a cardiac arrest
  • I’m not afraid to use a defibrillator
  • I talk to my friends and family about how to help someone in cardiac arrest


Post a photograph of yourself holding your sign sharing your story. Remember to use #ALifesaverLooksLike and tag us on our relevant socials!

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Meet some of our wonderful lifesavers!

Check out the videos below and gain some inspiration for your own #ALifesaverLooksLike posts.


Araf is CPR ready! He knows just how important bystanders are during a cardiac arrest and has used CPR to help save a life on multiple occasions.


Robert has sight loss but that doesn’t stop him from being part of the Chain of Survival! Robert knows the steps to save a life and can direct others on how to help.


Scott is only 4 years old but he’s already an expert lifesaver!


Emma is nearly 3, she already knows how a defibrillator works and she’s not afraid to use it!


Eilidh and her family swiftly took action after her dad went into cardiac arrest. Since then, Eilidh has been a champion CPR ambassador.


Naomi knows the steps to save a life! She knows how important it is to learn CPR skills and how we can all play a part in the chain of survival!


Shy knows the signs of a cardiac arrest and is ready to jump into action to help save a life. Shy also shares how she performed CPR on her cat.