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Scotland, it’s a funny time.

Everything Is different but everything is still the same. You still speak to your granny but you chat to her on Zoom. You still go to the shops but everyone’s in a mask. And you still see your friends but we treat them like they’ve got the lurgy.

Do you know what else is the same but different? CPR.

Today we celebrate 5 years of working together to help more people learn CPR so that should they ever need to do it, they feel more prepared. We’re blown away that despite an odd year we managed to equip an amazing 640,790 people with CPR skills before lockdown changed how we do things – outstanding when we were aiming for 500,000 – you’ve smashed it!

When it comes to bystander CPR. the numbers are pretty incredible. As a nation, amongst everything that’s going on, bystander CPR rates haven’t changed. That means when we are hearing about social distancing, R rates and face masks we’re still a nation that want to help. We are still a nation that care. We are still a nation that sees the person. When someone needs CPR you’re still helping, you’re still caring and you’re still making an incredible difference.

But the guidance has changed slightly and so we wanted to keep you up-to-date. During the current pandemic we advise that if you have to administer bystander CPR place a cloth or a towel over the persons face to reduce the risk of any spread.

We’ve created a page where you can refresh your knowledge, learn of the small changes to the guidance and perhaps learn for the first time whilst our ability to meet you face to face is restricted for now take a look today.

Apart from that it’s the same. The same but different.

Let’s keep the caring and life saving going. Thanks Scotland