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Carmuirs P1 of Falkirk have been busy. They have been championing the CPR Kid Researcher initiative and sharing their new skills online!

Check out their fantastic video below demonstrating all the steps you need to save a life. They were also featured in the Falkirk Herald for all their efforts! Using teddies is a great way for younger folks to practice and share CPR. Everyone can take part in learning, it’s not just for kids.

What is CPR Kid Researcher?

This program is aimed at primary school pupils to help spread CPR awareness with friends and family.  We know that the best way to teach adults is through kids. Research has shown that primary aged kids go on to share their CPR knowledge with an average of 2.5 more people in their lives, proving that kid researchers are the way forward! The online CPR kit contains how-to videos, infographics, researcher logbook, and a superstar CPR Kid Researcher certificate!