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In October 2015 we set out on a journey together as a partnership to raise awareness of cardiac arrest and help people living in Scotland get CPR ready. At the time, the target of reaching 500,000 seemed a long way off. However, with the hard work and dedication of the fantastic Save a Life for Scotland partnership we have surpassed this milestone over a year ahead of schedule, with our portal number now standing at 508,825.

This amazing achievement belongs to every person who helped spread the life-saving message of CPR across communities throughout Scotland and especially the 500,000 folks living in Scotland who took time to stop and learn. Working in partnership together really has saved lives.

However, today’s achievement is about more than numbers. Reaching our goal of 500,000 is not the end of what SALFS stands for with a new goal to continue and aim to reach 1 million people with CPR skills by 2025. Let’s keep the conversation going. Let’s continue to change Scotland’s culture around CPR one person at a time, because every life matters.