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Starting CPR saves lives

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Show me how to do CPR

Learn CPR.

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Join an army of crowd sourced CPR responders today.

Show me where to get support after being involved in cardiac arrest

Find out where to find help if you've suffered or witnessed a cardiac arrest.

Tell me how to deliver CPR in schools

Find CPR resources and information for schools.

Show me how to teach CPR for everyone

Find resources to help you teach CPR and make your sessions accessible to everyone.

Tell me more about defibs

A guide to public access defibrillators.

Starting CPR saves lives.

Starting CPR can at least double the chances of survival. We all have the power to make a difference. You can learn from home or in a face to face setting, it’s up to you. By taking the time to learn these skills you could save a life one day. So will you become one of the million people learning how to Save a Life for Scotland?

So far we’ve equipped


people with lifesaving skills


Festive image of fireworks display and text that reads: 2022 a year in review with Save a Life for Scotland logo.

2022: A Year in Review

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Thank you to all our Partners for the hard work and commitment. We are looking forward to the exciting new challenges in 2023! Here are some key highlights of year…

Scotland’s Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Report 2019-22

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The latest OHCA data has been published by the Scottish Ambulance Service. The latest data on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) numbers has been published by the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS).…

Restart a Heart Day Events 2022 Scotland

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Dundee: Dundee University Students' Association - The Hive on level 4 at 10am - 4pm Overgate Shopping Centre - The Gather Meeting Space at 2 - 5pm Edinburgh: Ocean Terminal…
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