We're ready, are you?

Ready Scotland are highlighting CPR as a key community skill this week, be ready!

We’re ready, are you?

Ready Scotland (www.readyscotland.org) have launched their community resilience week and CPR is high on the agenda!

Besides flu jabs and snow shovels, your year round opportunity to look after yourself, your family, friends and community is possible by learning CPR and being ready to do CPR should the need ever arise.

The general assumption is that if you are going to use CPR, it will be to help a stranger, but the truth is you are much more likely to need it for a loved one, a friend or family member as research shows that the most cardiac arrests happen in the home.

Recognising someone is having a cardiac arrest, calling 999 and starting CPR as soon as possible really can increase the chance of that person surviving. BE READY SCOTLAND. Find training near you www.savealife.scot


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