Fantastic new campaign with Young Scot!

Giving young people the confidence to do CPR

Young Scot and Save a Life for Scotland team up!

We are very excited to be launching a new campaign in partnership with Young Scot and the Scottish Government to raise awareness of CPR among young people in Scotland!

From the top of Calton Hill, Edinburgh, we were joined by some very special guests. Eilidh and Harry Newton, 16 and 13, helped save their father’s life when he had a cardiac arrest at home in 2014. Harry called for help, Eilidh phoned 999 and Judy – their mum – started CPR. Each of them played a key part in the chain of survival. Listen to their story.




We have asked 625 young Scots what they knew about CPR and we found that while 77% have received CPR training, less than half of them were confident about performing CPR! Working with Young Scot, we want to encourage young people to say “I’ll do it” and to give them the confidence to do CPR if the need arises.

To help young people become “CPR ready”, we have created special tote and drawstring bags which can be used to practice CPR on! Get the bag, learn CPR and show others around you – the idea is to pass skills onto friends and family. They are exclusive and a limited edition! If you know someone with a Young Scot card, tell them to claim them through the national Young Scot Rewards programme: there is a Tote Bag and a Drawstring Bag.

Learn it. Do it. Share it!

But that’s not all! Through the Young Scot Rewards Programme young people aged 11-26 receive rewards points for taking part in activities which can then be used to exchange and access items and experiences to support further personal development. During the Save a Life for Scotland and Young Scot campaign, young people can claim various opportunities including First Aid manuals donated by St Andrew’s First Aid, have the opportunity to spend a day with a fire fighter and the chance to spend a day work shadowing National Clinical Director for Scotland, Jason Leitch.

We were very grateful to Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, for her support for the campaign.

I’m delighted to support this campaign from Save a Life for Scotland in partnership with Young Scot, which is an important part of our efforts to equip an additional 500,000 people with CPR skills by 2020. If we teach young people about the importance of CPR they will take that knowledge with them through life. Crucially, they will be more likely to have the confidence to attempt it if the situation arises. When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, CPR must be started within minutes if they are to stand a chance of survival. That’s why CPR training and education is so important.”

Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot, said: “Many young Scots are taught how, but they need to be confident in how to spot the signs of cardiac arrest and administer CPR. We want all young people to be able to say ‘I’ll do it’ and be ready to save a life.”

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