that's why we're on the radio talking about it


We believe every life matters, that’s why we’re on the radio this week talking about it.

Here’s some great films for you to watch to learn more about CPR, and then maybe you can help us spread the word.

Now Take One Action

We’re challenging you to not just watch these films but do something about it. Please do one of these things.

Share a film

Share one of the films you’ve just watched, help to spread the word about CPR and how everyone can save a life, all you need are your hands.

Follow Save a Life

We are working hard to get 500,000 people trained in CPR by 2020 so we’re trying to reach as many people as possible. Help us by following, liking retweeting, instagramming, pinning, snap chatting and whatever else you can think of.

Find training near you

Could you be one of the 500,000. Why not find training near you and say I’ll do it.

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