Putting faces to the numbers

because a picture is worth a thousand words

Putting faces to the numbers

Sometimes the words we write don’t always hit home and as they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

Every week 70 people in Scotland will have a cardiac arrest and only 4 currently will go back home to their friends and family. That’s 66 families and friends who lose the most important person in their life.

We KNOW that early CPR and defibrillation will bring more people home, that’s why we continue to bang this drum.

However, sometimes it helps to put a face to a number so here’s not one but two! Gregor Newton and Jeremy South.

Gregor’s wife Judy says “If ever there is an advert to learn CPR surely this is it! Two men with their families thanks to strangers who performed CPR , no words can thank them!”

This week we’re linking up with Ready Scotland to promote Community Resilience – please, please tell people about CPR and encourage them to learn so more folks living in Scotland can potentially be that stranger who may save another’s life.

Find training near you www.savealife.scot

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