Social Media Toolkit

2021-2016 OHCA Strategy Virtual Launch

Social Media Toolkit

Use this toolkit to promote the OHCA strategy 2021-2026 virtually during the week of 22 March 2021.

What is the purpose of this toolkit?

We want share the key aims and direction of the refreshed OHCA strategy with everyone in Scotland. In order to improve survival after OHCA we need everyone to be a part of the Chain of Survival and we want to reach as many people as we can. We hope you will use this content not to only advertise the strategy, but also to promote your organisation’s amazing life-saving work.

Highlights from the strategy:

  1. The SALFS partnership will have equipped 1 million people in Scotland with CPR skills.
  2. All school aged children in Scotland will have the opportunity to be equipped with CPR skills.
  3. We will target our work to address key inequalities in OHCA outcomes.
  4. Bystander CPR rates will be increased to 85%.
  5. Public Access Defibrillators will be placed optimally and be as accessible as possible.
  6. 20% of all OHCAs will have a defibrillator applied before the arrival of ambulance service.
  7. Survival from OHCA will increase to 15%.
  8. All individuals who are affected by OHCA will be offered support afterwards.
  9. We will address the challenge of timely communication of anticipatory care plans and decision support for front line SAS crews.
  10. We will use data to understand and address variation and seek innovative ways to improve outcomes after OHCA.

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