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Newton Award

The Newton Award is back and we want you to get nominating!

In April 2014 aged 43, Gregor Newton suffered a cardiac arrest at home and survived due to several factors being in place. His wife Judy, initiated CPR immediately, their children summoned help quickly. Bystanders assisted without question, call handlers co-ordinated and gained information quickly, community first responders delivered defibrillation, paramedics, police and many more that go un-recognised, were involved and helped save his life.

Without the help received from those professionals and volunteers, their family would not be intact today. The family wanted to create a way to simply recognise the outstanding work that is carried out all over the country on a daily basis. The Newton Award will be presented at the Scottish Community Resuscitation Conference.

Nominations close at midnight on Friday 15th September 2017.

Please contact  with any questions.

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