Lanarkshire Saving Lives

67 new lifesavers added to the books!

Lanarkshire Saving Lives

We have a guest blog post from Julie McQuade, a Clinical Skills Specialist in Lanarkshire, who trained 67 new lifesavers along with her team!

“We were delighted to be invited along to the Girls Brigade Glasgow specialised training event, where there were 21 companies represented.  Our aim was to inspire them to take back the CPR training to their own companies.  It was a brilliant fun session, everyone loved the teaching and felt confident cascading the information back to their groups.  Girls Brigade reach a huge population of young people and whilst some councils have pledged to incorporate CPR training into the school curriculum, it will take a while to be embedded so events like this are crucial.

We had lots of help from very willing volunteers all nurses and doctors from NHS Lanarkshire, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Wales who all had a fantastic session and are looking forward to the next one.” – Julie McQuade

Well Done to Julie and all the volunteers who made this happen! Learn more about Girl’s Brigade here.


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