CPR Kid Researchers

Your CPR kit to help you spread CPR Awareness!

Follow the simple steps below to become a superstar CPR Kid Researcher. If you aren’t strong enough to do CPR you can teach others what to do! 

Find out more about the CPR Kid Researcher program here


STEP 1: Watch the videos below to learn about CPR

Learn with Emily (Age 12):

Learn with Alexander (Age 7) and Daniel (Age 4):

Learn with Aidan, Emily, Evie, Jessica & Scott (Age 3 – 15)

Review the steps of CPR

Feeling CPR ready yet? Let’s review the steps of CPR one more time before you start sharing your CPR knowledge.

The image is an infographic. The background is orange with a dark blue banner at the top and bottom of the image, and the title is“CPR steps to help save a life”.  At the bottom of the image is the Save A Life For Scotland logo. The logo is white text that reads “Save a life for Scotland”, and the “V” in “save” has a small pink circle above it. The purpose of the infographic is to inform people what the steps to save a life are.

Click here to download a plain text version of this info graphic.

STEP 2: Share your CPR knowledge & Keep Track in your Logbook

You’ve got the steps of CPR down! Time to share your CPR knowledge with your family and friends in a safe manner whether that’s through Zoom, phone or directly to your household members. Watch the videos together, review the steps, grab a teddy or pillow and get the whole family to give it a try! Don’t forget to keep track of the number of people you’ve taught CPR and any notes in your logbook. Download your logbook by clicking the button below.

Download Logbook

CPR kid researcher logbook preview

STEP 3: Report Your Progress – Complete Survey

When you finish, take our survey below and send us a copy of your completed logbook. If you have any trouble, please email us at hello@savealife.scot.

Complete Survey


STEP 4: CPR Kid Researcher certificate

You did it! Click the button below to download and print off your certificate. Keep in touch about your amazing work by tagging us on social media @SaveALifeScot

Download Certificate
Certificate of excellence for Superstar CPR kid researchers!
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