Do you know CPR?

Learn to save a life in your school.

Do you know CPR?

We believe that everyone and every child in Scotland should have the chance to learn CPR and today on restart a heart day we want to spread the word that Save a Life for Scotland can help all schools teach their pupils CPR.

Teaching kids is not just for the future in Scotland, it’s for the now.

We’ve teamed up with the children from Westquarter Primary School in Falkirk to create some pretty special films to spread the word that CPR saves lives, bust some myths and even provide a step by step demonstration to help people living in Scotland learn. Please watch, like and share them! You can see them all here.


We are also working with Education Scotland, providing a wide variety of resources and support from our partner group for both Primary and Secondary schools CPR education. These will be available on GLOW and through our own website over the coming weeks.

We’re here to offer help and support to do something truly remarkable with your school and with the young people you care about and teach every day. Let us help.

We’d love to start the CPR conversation with you. Let’s make a difference and start saving lives together.  

Why not contact us today?

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