Fear of doing CPR during a Pandemic

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrests don't stop during a pandemic.

Fear of doing CPR during a Pandemic

The infographic is black with text which reads "Resus - o - ween, CPR fear 1" and "I'm not sure how to do CPR during the covid - 19 pandemic, are there any guidelines I should know?".

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrests don’t stop happening during a pandemic and CPR remains a crucial part of increasing chances of survival. With reports from different parts of the world saying that bystander CPR rates have decreased during the pandemic, it is essential that the public learn CPR and feel confident to use their lifesaving skills.

In light of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, the Resuscitation Council UK has amended their guidance on how to do CPR while there there is a risk of coronavirus. This means loosely placing a cloth over the mouth and nose of the collapsed person and doing chest compressions only.

Learn how to save a life with the amended CPR guidance advice on our resources page by clicking the button below.

CPR Resources


Different aspects of our lives have been affected by the pandemic but you know it’s funny, everything is different but everything is also still the same. You still speak to your granny but you chat to her on Zoom. You still go to the shops but everyone’s in a mask. We’ve all continually adapted to the ever-changing circumstances and CPR is no different. The guidance for CPR has been amended slightly but what remains the same is that we have the power to help save a life. Bystander CPR is crucial to improving chances of survival.

The general assumption is that if you are going to use CPR, it will be to help a stranger, but the truth is you are much more likely to need it for a loved one as research shows that the most cardiac arrests actually happen in the home. As we spend more time in our individual households, it becomes even more important to be prepared so you can help save the life of a loved one. We recommend developing a CPR action plan and having discussions with the whole household.

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