Afraid to perform CPR?

Let's address these and debunk some of the most common fears

Debunking CPR Fears

You have the power in your hands to help save a life by starting CPR. Many of you are ready and willing to jump into action if you witness someone in cardiac arrest but we also know that many others will feel hesitant and scared to get involved.

Welcome to Resus-O-Ween, throughout the month of October, we will address some of the most common fears about performing CPR with the hope that the information below will help alleviate some of your fears so you’re confident and CPR ready!

CPR Fear #1 - CPR During a Pandemic

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrests don't stop during a pandemic. We'll go over changes in guidance so you feel confident to start CPR while there is still a risk of coronavirus (covid-19).

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CPR Fear #2: Causing Harm

One of the most common fears that keep people from performing CPR is the fear of causing more harm than good. We discuss the possibility of cracking ribs and more.

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CPR Fear #3: Doing CPR Incorrectly

Often the fear of doing CPR incorrectly stems from a lack of confidence. We'll touch on confidence and important things to remember if you see someone collapse.

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CPR Fear #4: Performing CPR on a Woman

Let's kill the stigma that's killing women and #GiveHerCPR. We discuss some of the reasons why women are less likely to receive CPR and clear up misconceptions.

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