Adult Resources

Everything you need to become CPR ready.

Adult CPR Resources

Welcome to the CPR resource page for adults!

Below you’ll find all the resources you’ll need to become a CPR champion today including educational videos to help you learn CPR, signs to look out for to help identify a cardiac arrest, the most common CPR fears addressed and resources for those who have been affected by cardiac arrest.

You have the power in your hands to help save a life so get started today!

Learn CPR!

Learn how to save a life! Our current resources cover how to do CPR while there is a risk of coronavirus (Covid-19).

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Debunking CPR Fears

Do you or someone you know have any hesitations about performing CPR? Check out our Resus-O-Ween series where we address some of the most common fears and help alleviate some of those fears.

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How to Identify a Cardiac Arrest

Learn what to look for when someone is in cardiac arrest and when you should perform CPR.

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See CPR in Action

See the various steps of CPR in action! Check out videos showing how CPR can help save a life.

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Life After Cardiac Arrest

Have you or someone you know been affected by cardiac arrest? Check out what resources are available to help support cardiac arrest survivors, family and bystanders.

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