Figures for Scotland’s Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strategy (2021-2026)

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Figure 1: Progress to Date Graphic
Figure 2: The Chain of Survival
Figure 3: Venn Diagram of Strategy Groups
Figure 4: Cardiac Arrest vs Heart Attack

Figure 1: A graphic to display the outcomes from the original strategy – Scotland’s Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (2015-2020)


Figure 2: The ‘augmented Chain of Survival’ adapted from the 2015 OHCA Strategy includes community readiness to respond to an OHCA and the aftercare of all involved, which are crucial to improving outcomes after OHCA across all of the communities in Scotland.

Figure 3: A diagram to explain the differences between the strategy groups – the reference group, the delivery group and the Save A Life for Scotland group.


Figure 4: A diagram to explain the difference between a heart attack and an OHCA

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