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1 week ago

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Listen in to Clyde 1, Forth 1, Tay FM, Radio Borders, Westsound and Northsound 1 this week, we will be sharing lots of great #CPR information:

Every year around 3500 Scottish people of all ages and background suffer a cardiac arrest... There are 4 steps you can take to help someone:

1. Check the person over. If they are not responsive and not breathing, then their heart has stopped working and they are having a cardiac arrest.

2. Now, call 999. Then you do Hands-only CPR.

3. Lock your fingers together, knuckles up. Arms straight. Then push down on their chest. Push down five or six centimetres. Push hard and fast about two times a second, like to the beat of Stayin’ Alive. Don’t worry about hurting someone. A cracked rib can be mended – just concentrate on saving a life.

4. Keep this up until the ambulance arrives.

Effective CPR can be taught in less than 20 minutes, so it doesn’t really take long at all to learn how to help save someone’s life.
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1 week ago

From Monday, we'll be part of the radio campaign "Life Matters". We'll talk about how essential it is to learn #CPR as cardiac arrests are very sudden:

"It may be your neighbour, it may be a family member, it may be a friend who collapses. And actually by just knowing how to do CPR you would feel ready, able and equipped to be able to do something for somebody at that worst, most critical time in their life."

We'll share more parts of the interviews throughout the week.

Stay tuned to your local radio!
Forth 1 Clyde 1 Tay FM Northsound 1 Westsound Radio Borders

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1 week ago

British Horse Society is ready for some #CPR training! We can hardly wait til August when our partners will be teaching #CPR at the Blair Horse Trials! ... See MoreSee Less

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